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25 years of Dynaudio: Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five

Dynaudio Special 25

The culmination of twenty-five years experience in-house research / development and production is now reflected in a modern audiophile masterpiece: The finest compact loudspeaker ever crafted by Dynaudio. This advanced level of sound quality is a result of a unique combination: The synergy of the Evidence reference loudspeakers and the innovative new Confidence loudspeakers, in the tradition of advanced high-performance compact loudspeaker designs. The Dynaudio Special One, the Dynaudio Crafft, the Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE, and the Dynaudio Confidence 3 set the standard; the legacy of quality established by these speakers is now taken to the highest level with the new Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five. This unique model reflects Dynaudio’s core values while setting a new standard in a compact loudspeaker’s performance capabilities through the integration of innovative new loudspeaker technologies.

This is not the first time Dynaudio has yielded a benchmark product innovation. Even in the company’s very first designs introduced over two decades ago, technological advances such as correct phase response, high dynamic capabilities and high power handling - all in the quest for true music reproduction - were realized; long before other companies comprehended the importance of such parameters. Properly integrating these parameters into loudspeaker designs is only possible if research, development and production is done in-house to the highest standard of quality during every single step of the process. Very few companies posses this capability, and only a company like Dynaudio is able to create a speaker in the mold of the Special Twenty-Five from the sum of its abilities and expertise.

With ambition and enthusiasm Dynaudio has followed the goal to incorporate all of the company’s know-how and experience into one audiophile masterpiece. The Special Twenty-Five is thus more than a progression to the stable of compact Dynaudio high-performance loudspeakers; it is a testament to the company’s advanced technology and a quarter century of innovations in audio.

The Special Twenty-Five is the essence of 25 years of Dynaudio Authentic Fidelity. The Anniversary Edition is no longer in production; however, Dynaudio is currently manufacturing the Special 25 in all standard Contour model wood veneers. This version of the Special 25 is technically identical to the previous model but does not feature the signed back plate or the exclusive twenty-five year limited warranty. It comes with Dynaudio’s limited five-year warranty.

Quelle: Dynaudio