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Special 25 Beschreibung

The Technology: Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five

The Special Twenty-Five was not based on an existing Dynaudio loudspeaker design. Every detail of the advanced Dynaudio technology implemented into this loudspeaker was developed and manufactured completely in-house and specifically tuned for this model.

MSP membrane with aluminium/Kapton® voice coil.

The Special Twenty-Five employs a 200mm woofer based on the drivers developed for the Evidence models to handle the reproduction of the mid and low frequency ranges. This woofer is fitted with a powerful neodymium magnet, which dramatically improves the sensitivity in contrast to traditional ferrite magnet structures. The woofer features a 75mm oversized yet lightweight aluminum wire voice coil to further improve efficiency and cone control. The moving system is mounted into a rigid die cast chassis, which is securely attached to the cabinet by six hex head screws. This moving system consists of a geometrically formed, onepiece magnesium polymer (MSP) cone, which is bonded to a extremely light and stiff Kapton® voice coil former. The Kapton® former minimizes loss in the woofer and ensures high thermal resistance and long excursion.

Soft dome tweeter with new Coating and Esotar² technology.

The soft dome tweeter of the Special Twenty-Five is based on the development of the Dynaudio Esotar² first introduced in the Confidence C2 and C4. The fabric dome is treated with a new coating, applied in three steps to ensure a smooth frequency New Esotar Tweeterresponse and an excellent transient response in the tweeter. A powerful neodymium magnet is utilized in the tweeter in conjunction with a vented polepiece, which produces a constant magnet field within the voice coil gap. This constant energy field ensures very low distortion characteristics. The voice coil gap is injected with a unique magnetic cooling / damping oil which improves the power handling and minimizes power compression due to voice coil heating. The construction embodies a damping rear chamber to avoid soundwave reflections and distortion. An important consideration for modern digital recording formats, the frequency response stays free of peeks up to 25 kHz and beyond.

Crossover with integrated cooling plate.

Two-sided crossover with integrated cooling plate.

The crossover utilizes a new approach, which enables the transfer of heat from the inside of the cabinet to the exterior of the loudspeaker. When a speaker operates for long periods of time at high sound pressure levels, the temperature of the resistors will increase, resulting in heating of the interior. This crossover prevents this, as it features a printed circuit-board (PCB) mounted onto an aluminum plate that acts as a heat sink. This design allows resistors to be mounted on one side of the PCB, while the capacitors and inductors are mounted onto the other side, positioned between the PCB and this plate. All components are connected with extra thick copper traces and copper cables. The high quality binding posts are also connected to this plate. The crossover filter itself uses a first order, high/lowpass slope for correct phase and a linear impulse response. It is impedance corrected, making the loudspeaker an easy load for any amplifier to drive. Only premium components with low tolerances such as zero compression wire-wound resistors, ultra-fast metallized polypropylene capacitors with low loss dielectricum, and air core inductors are used in this design.

Braced and damped cabinet with custom veneer.

The furniture grade cabinet is hand-built in Denmark by Dynaudio’s skilled master craftsmen, and the speakers are produced in matched numbered pairs, finished in an exclusive cross-grained birch veneer. Birch wood with this cross-grains is extremely rare and demand a even more careful hand to be used as a veneer. The veneered walls of the loudspeakers are crafted from 20mm thick medium density fiber-board (MDF), which offers high inner damping and excellent rigidity, thus eliminating any negative effects of cabinet resonance. The cabinet utilizes internal bracing, and 10mm thick damping plates are secured to the cabinet walls using an innovative anti-resonant adhesive. The low frequency response of the loudspeaker is enhanced through an aerodynamically formed port. Tuned at a low frequency, it is trumpet shaped at both ends to avoid noise from the vent, while utilizing its 70mm diameter to ensure that the air-velocity does not become so high that it itself generates any noise.

Sound quality greater than expected from any compact loudspeaker.

The Special Twenty-Five is not a small speaker, but it can be described as a compact monitor– at least when referring to its dimensions. The sound quality though can not be correlated to the size of the cabinet. Incorporating innovative technologies derived from the company’s most advanced loudspeaker products, in conjunction with the Company tradition of fine-tuning the best compact loudspeaker designs available, the Special Twenty-Five provides unbelievable depth, precision and realism. No other loudspeaker design of this size before has been awarded more enthusiasm and fascination from the Dynaudio development team than the Special Twenty-Five.

Special 25 back plate.

Build quality of the highest level.

The enthusiasm that was in the air during the development continued into the production. Every production process, from coating the tweeters‘ fabric domes to polishing the exclusive birch wood veneer, is guided by the mentality to create something very special. Every Dynaudio craftsman/ employee in Skanderborg, Denmark, is working with great ambition and greater attention to detail, adding his or her own important experience to the over 80 individual technical quality checks. This identification with creating - and the very special meaning of this silver anniversary model - has many of the Dynaudio employees lining up to acquire a pair of this masterpiece for themselves.

25 year warranty.

To celebrate both the significance and the extreme quality of the Special Twenty-Five, a unique evidence of trust is given to the buyer: Dynaudio provides a twenty-five -year limited manufacturer’s warranty with this model. Upon registration with Dynaudio in Denmark, the owner will receive a warranty certificate for his or her particular Special Twenty-Five model. The Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five is handcrafted in limited quantities, with the serial number engraved into the back panel of the loudspeaker cabinet.

The Anniversary ends, but a new romance starts.

Starting September 2003, Dynaudio will stop producing this Anniversary Edition and begin to manufacture the Special 25 in all standard Contour model wood veneers. This version of the Special 25 will be technically identical to the previous model but will not feature the signed back plate or the exclusive twenty-five year limited warranty. It will come with Dynaudio’s limited five-year warranty.

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