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Creek CD50 mk2 CD-Player

Creek CD50 mk2

The CD50 mk2 uses a ROM drive which replaces the Philips CDM12 transport. Extracting the digital information from the ATAPI bus, similar to a computer, has enabled Creek to work with a virtually jitter free signal source. To convert the signal to a usable format, the CD50 mk2 uses a digital buffer circuit (FPGA) that stores the signal for a short time and converts it into a suitable format for feeding to a DtoA converter. This creates shock immunity from the player, so that the disc is not playing exactly in real time, but slightly delayed through the dynamic buffer. It also converts the signal into a SPDIF signal to provide a high quality digital output, which is now available via TOSLINK optical as well as co-axial sockets.

To enable the CD50 mk2 to be future-proofed, connection of the CD50 mk2 to an RS232 bus system will allow remote control and serial connection of the player with next generation Creek equipment or proprietary room controllers. This feature is available only by plugging in the appropriate module into the motherboard and upgrading the software. Soft upgrades are made easy in the CD50 mk2. The buffer and microcontroller are both programmed by separate EPROM's that contain all the code. To upgrade the code, Creek will supply a new EPROM that can be plugged into the motherboard to replace the existing one. The player will 'boot load' the new software upon start-up.

Sound quality on the CD50 mk2 is superb. With an improved and symmetrical layout with shorter signal paths, the mk2 has much better measured performance than its predecessor, with signal to noise and THD figures much lower than on the CD50. This is due to the mk2 having distributed power supplies with 7 digital and 5 analogue low noise voltage regulators and low noise resistors. A higher frequency clock oscillator is used in the mk2 and is synchronised with the micro controller and buffer clock to minimise internal interference. Two separate high current mains transformers are used in the CD50 mk2. The voltage to the digital and analogue circuitry, display and ROM drive are kept completely separate, for maximum interference immunity.

Front panel controls include Play, Stop, Pause, Open/Close, Skip Forward, Skip Back, Search Forward, Search Back, Shuffle, Repeat and Standby functions. They are supplemented by an attractive full feature Creek SRC1 system remote control handset utilising RC5 type codes.

The rear panel has a mains switch, together with the usual fused IEC mains inlet. A pair of gold plated Phono/RCA sockets is provided for un-balanced analogue output and (SPDIF) digital outputs are via a transformer coupled Phono/RCA socket.

The CD50 mk2 has been designed to read all known 'Copy Protected Discs' that currently exist. In future, CPD's with revised copy protection algorithms may cause problems, but with its upgradeable software and firmware capability, the CD50 mk2 can be easily upgraded by the dealer or importer to play such discs.


Product name CD50mk2
Power consumption 20 W max 6 W standby
Frequency response 1 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0.25 dB
Output level 2.0 V RMS at 1kHz, 0 dB
Output impedance 50 Ohm, min load 1 Ohm
Laser type Semiconductor ALGaAs
Wavelength 790 nm ± 25 nm
Light output ( cw ) 0.18 mW typical
THD + Noise > -97dB
Dynamic range > 117dB
Number of channels 2
Total harmonic distortion < 0. 0008 % at 1 kHz, 0 dB
Weight 5Kgs
Size 43 x 6 x 25cm

Quelle: Creek