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Beresford Caiman DAC

Beresford Caiman

The ground breaking Beresford Caiman is the accumulation of various modifications and the use of the latest high performance components that were proven to enhance the standard TC-7520.

The Beresford Caiman is the first commercially available DAC to use some of these components, and the only one to incorporate so many of them all in one go. Each Beresford Caiman is individually modified and assembled by hand, before undergoing a test session. Such level of workmanship is unheard of in the DAC market at this price level. But it ensures that each one is built to the highest standard and care.

Beresford Caiman

WM8716-64x oversampling DAC chip.
The majority of high-end consumer DAC chips are only 8x oversampling types. The Caiman DAC chip is only matched or surpassed by the DSP based DAC chips.

Digital Filter Circuit.
There has been much debate as to how much damage is done to the audio signal by the various analogue filtering networks that are found in a DAC. The new 64x oversampling technology used in the Beresford Caiman relies instead on a digital filter.

LM4562NA - Recording Studio specification audio operational amplifiers.
The 64x oversampling technology requires a far higher slew rate from the audio chips in the signal path if the extra speed, detail, and accuracy of the decoded signal is to be maintained at the RCA/PHONO and headphone socket output of the Caiman. THD + N figures are a mere 0.00003%.

PCM2902 - Adaptive Mode for Isochronous Data Transfer
Latest generation USB input with professional performance levels that finally brings USB audio into mainstream HIFI audio applications. The PCM2902 is only used for USB to SPDIF conversion. The converted signal is then sent to the WM8716 for D to A processing.

Class-A headphone amplifier circuit.
The new generations of high-end headphones have up to now only been able to operate properly on expensive stand-alone headphone amplifiers. The Caiman inbuilt headphone amplifier is designed to drive even the latest range of high-end headphones and reproduce musical detail that these new headphones are capable of.

Dedicated Caiman power supply.
The Caiman comes with a power supply that can deliver the higher current discharge rate and voltage swing demanded by wide dynamic range and complex musical passages. The result is firmer and deeper bass, more detailed midrange, and greater soundstage in the treble region.


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