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Creek A50i/A50iR integrated amplifiers

Creek A50i

The A50i/A50iR integrated amplifiers are the successors to the highly revered 4330SE. Many would have thought it was hard to improve on the predecessor to the A50i, but improve we have! At first glance the new 50 series looks very different - indeed the sleek styling of these new Creek integrated amps make the A50i range highly desirable.

Creek however is not about looks alone - what goes on inside these amplifiers is where they stand out from the crowd. Whatever your musical preference, these Creek integrated amplifiers will satisfy the most critical of listeners. They are powerful yet subtle. You simply won't want to switch off.

Creek A50i

Although an evolution of the 4330SE, the Creek 50 series integrated amplifiers are innovative in the true sense of the word. Using proprietary circuitry developed by Creek engineers, the A50i guarantees an exceptional level of performance. There is no doubt that these integrated amplifiers will stand the test of time like few other products in their price category.

Creek hasn't forgotten the multitude of vinyl enthusiasts and a range of optional plug-in modules is available to match both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

The A50i is a standard non-remote version - the A50iR has remote volume capability. The accompanying elegant handset providing remote volume control measures just 11.5cm x 5.5cm, so that it sits comfortably in the palm of the hand. With its combination of good looks, facilities and sound quality, the Creek A50i integrated amplifiers are hard to beat and will no doubt set the standard for years to come. The latest Creek series proves yet again that the best integrated amplifiers don't have to be the most expensive.


Product name A50i A50iR
Power output (both channels) 50W into 8 Ohms -
Power output (one channel) 60W into 4 Ohms -
Max current > 18 amps -
THD (total harmonic distortion) < 0.05% 20Hz - 20 KHz -
Frequency Response 3Hz - 25KHz - 1dB -
Power Amp Slew Rate > 40V per µs -
Input Sensitivity 450 mV for 50W -
Signal to Noise Ratio > 100 dB -
Separation > 60 dB -
Remote control no yes
Power Consumption at Idle < 45W -
Power Consumption at Full Power 260W -
Weight 6Kgs -
Size 43 x 6 x 23cm -

Quelle: Creek